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Florida Mechanic

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He's been to probably ever city, every corner of the state and has an appreciation that will be critical to us going forward." Nelson is a fifth-generation Floridian and grew up in Melbourne, where he was student class president and state president of 4-H, selling cattle to pay for college. An only child, he graduated from Yale and then went to University of Virginia Law School but gravitated to politics. He kept winning elections, most with ease. Enter Rick Scott, who shot to prominence in 2010 as an outsider candidate for governor blessed with a personal fortune. Scott may be the one person who can make Nelson look charismatic but he is a fierce campaigner and always on message, using the bully pulpit to relentlessly travel the state, branding himself as the jobs governor. A February poll from the University of North Florida showed only 5 percent of registered voters didn't know enough about Scott to form an opinion. Nelson was at 26 percent. "He's better known, sure," Nelson conceded, noting that hundreds of people move to Florida each day. "Florida is unique," he said. "It's not like Ohio. It's certainly not like a smaller state, with such a dynamic and changing population.

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Florida Mechanic

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